New data on poverty for Hispanics has educational implications.  Larger context via this TIME column from a few months ago.

And the new report out this week on college completion is essential reading (pdf).

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  1. An article that everyone is talking about:
    Why I Support the Teachers Unions
    I’ve wrestled a great deal with the question of organized labor, especially in the realm of public education. There’s a strong contingent on the right and the left that believes that essentially all of the flaws in our public school system stem from a combination of government inefficiency and union recalcitrance. Some people in the reform movement believe that the only way to affect reform is to sidestep or abolish teachers unions.

    Many left-leaning school reformers believe this largely as a last resort. These are typically liberals who believe in public education but have become frustrated with what they see as union resistance to much-needed reforms. There is no doubt that unions oppose many reforms. The question is, should they? Much of the time, I think they should.

    Many right-leaning reformers, and some liberals as well, are simply in the business of union-busting, seeking to dismantle a powerful political opponent while ushering for-profit schools in through the side door, and handing out lucrative contracts to political allies in the private sector. For a good example of this second camp, go to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. Or follow Michelle Rhee around the country – to Florida, Nevada, or wherever she is voicing her support for union-busting at the moment.

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