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Better Lesson (social network-style lesson plan sharing) gets a TechCrunch shout-out on its latest round of funding. From where I sit, tools to help teachers and better professional development still seems like a big opportunity for innovation and business activity in the K-12 space.  Big unmet need and if it’s indeed true that it’s better to be a painkiller than a vitamin, plenty of pain among frustrated teachers. Also, a place where tech-enabled tools and strategies can play a role.

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  1. One of the best ways a teacher can have an impact in the classroom is through collaboration with other teachers. This collaboration brings together great techniques, strategies, and practices that will promote higher level learning in the classroom. It also encourages teachers to find creative and innovative ways of teaching a concept and provides alternative approaches for classrooms with a variety of learning styles and needs. It is fantastic that teachers are sharing their lesson plans. It brings us all together as a learning community and shows students that we actually do what we expect them to do. Work together.

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