Bestselling Brill?

My review of “Class Warfare” is below but per the attached (pdf) the book is now on The New York Times bestseller list at #26.  At #22 is “Wendy and the Lost Boys,” which is apparently not about the founding of TFA.

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  1. I don’t find it surprising that Brill has so many unnamed sources. I have felt the wrath of politicians and bureaucrats who have opposed reform issues that I have supported on behalf of students. This magnifies the personal animosity, “warfare,” that exists between leaders on both sides of organizations that profess to serve students. It also exposes a tremendous lack of will at all levels of government that is refreshing.

    Everyone is beginning to acknowledge the challenge that comes with working to improve student’s abilities in reading, writing, and math; but those who have worked in the reform arena know how precarious their efforts can be when you their students’ future is not a reflection of effort, but rather the whim of those in power.

    I commend Brill on shining a light on the debate.

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