Argue Like It’s 1999?

A big fight brewing over school construction? This Politico story points that way. We’ll need refreshments so be sure to load up on Davis-Bacon!

2 Replies to “Argue Like It’s 1999?”

  1. Davis-Bacon isn’t the concern I have; I am* much more concerned with whether any such bill will reward new-construction or other materials-intensive work or whether it would be rehabbing and fixing up degraded facilities in a way that maximizes labor costs (because idle construction workers would take the wages, spend them to keep them and their families in homes, etc.). And from a purely macro perspective, Davis-Bacon would maximize the likely multipler.

    * “Am” is a decided optimistic form of the verb for what is unfortunately a highly hypothetical proposal (at least for that part of the AJA bill).

  2. I noticed a thunderous silence when it comes to Mr. Cain. Why is it noone want to mention him or his ideas? Could it be that people are afraid of brutal honesty? Could it be that people might hear something that actually works and doesn’t indoctrinate the students into statism? Maybe its just me.

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