3 thoughts on “Thrust And Perry

  1. phillipmarowe

    Don’t forget to give Roderick Paige credit as well, Andy.

    (PS. I like the new spam checker. When do we start seeing some calculus problems. The readers here are well educated.)

  2. Jacob

    Didn’t Perry (or his Edu Commissioner) also tinker with TAKS cut scores, putting TX even closer to the very bottom of states in terms of rigor? (This isn’t rhetorical, I’m actually looking for confirmation)

  3. Rhonda

    I think the recent study on discipline disparities slows momentum on the Texas progress, or at least begs the question, “progress for whom?” If Bush deserves credit for victories, then he also deserves a little blame. Responsibility for righting this gross wrong sits squarely on Perry’s shoulders. Unlike its hard charge against NYC charter schools, this is one issue that the NAACP should pick up, and quickly.

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