Easy pun, I know. The new GAO report on the School Improvement Grants ought to be sobering.  Whiteboard has more.

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  1. My district’s governing board has opted for the transformation model, and our school has been approved for a SIG grant. Our school has encountered some difficulty filling positions because of its unpopular (yet safe) location (near the international border with Mexico), although many positions have been filled by people willing to commute from a metropolitan area about 45 minutes away. Many positions have been created as a result of the grant (instructional coaches for both teachers and students and several oversight positions charged with supervising various groups of teachers), and we have our new principal in place. I wonder if this watershed of financial support will result in significantly increased test results; and, if so, what will happen after the SIG money disappears? I would love to see wildly successful results from this grant. At the same time, I would love to see a more proactive approach at struggling schools before they get to this point because I am suspicious of the politicization that I can envision as a result of so many schools applying for the grant (regardless of whether they improve).

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