Strong States

Today we’ve been discussing CRPE’s new multi-year initiative on how states can become more capable, especially in moving big city districts toward bold experimentation and rapid improvement. Michigan and Tennessee are the first among an increasing number of states to consider imitating Louisiana’s Recovery School District (RSD), a statewide entity that can take over distressed schools. This new paper summarizes the “takeaways” from a New Orleans meeting about what other states can learn from the RSD experience.

-Paul Hill

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  1. While the allegations in the recently filed suit on behalf of special education students need to be reviewed by the court (and they will be), the suit should give some pause to states looking to imitate the RSD, should it not? Your summary does not mention this under “limitations”. I hope those looking for lessons, do not stop with charterting, autonomy, choice, flexibility, etc and also look for ways to do all that AND ensure a better education for sped students. It can be done. Please.

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