Coming Attractions

I’m taking next week for family but Sara Mead will be here to inform and amuse.  In addition to being a leading analyst on pre-k policy, Mead is also an appointed member of the District of Columbia Public Charter Schools Board and an expert on charter school policy (and she and I have worked on the innovation issue).  She was also instrumental in the launching of Ed Sector and BW as well as much of the work of the 21st Century Schools Project at PPI.  So she brings a few lenses to her work and I’m glad she’s able to take a break from her regular blog and spend a week over here.

Regular School of Thought columns at TIME will resume week of August 1.  I’m unlikely to be on Twitter @arotherham but you never know.

And I have enough fish porn piled up to fill the entire page, will try get all your pics posted in August. Sorry to all who have sent stuff to be so far behind on that.

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  1. Sara Mead is nice senior associate partner with Bellwether Education Partners, i would like to know more about her.thanks

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