Going inside:  Will be interesting to watch Doug Ross in this role.

Going outside: Ron Tomalis cracking down on cheating in PA. Subtle political angle here, power shifting away from Philly in Harrisburg.

Going down: WTF? I hope someone does an analysis of what went wrong here because this article seems more about personalities than whatever big lessons can/should be drawn.

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  1. a theme here:

    when things go bad for the reformers it is always about personalities and such – never policy.

    just look at the spin from andy around the cathie black crap in nyc. and michelle rhee in d.c. – always just personalities.

    education on the ground is hard work – it always has been. let’s stop the blame game and narcissism of these “ED Deform” debates and create of culture that supports and nourishes teachers as professionals. with professional pay and professional working conditions.

  2. Spot on steve f.

    And this:

    Mr. Vander Ark doled out more than $1.6 billion in Gates Foundation money from 1999 to 2006, much of it to create and support small high schools. In 2008, he founded City Prep Academies, a for-profit organization intended to create and operate charter schools that combined traditional classroom teaching and online learning.

    Those are two failed ventures Mr. vander Ark handled.
    Strike 3 and you’re out.

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