2 Cool 2 Be 4-gotten

Important development in the NY NAACP/UFT school closure and charter co-location lawsuit.

NCTQ takes an unprecedented–and important–look at student teaching in the United States.

Great stuff from Neerav Kingsland on scaling success in education. Love the taxonomy of 3 types of scaling (Providers, Strategies, Markets); the proposal for a new federal market-scaling initiative is interesting, too.

Kevin Carey has an intriguing take on recent cheating scandals in education.

–Sara Mead

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  1. Overall, regarding the forth article, I agree with Mr. Landry’s main point: that excusing teacher cheating scandals by blaming the high stakes testing system is morally ridiculous. In general, it is good that these teachers are being investigated. This being said, cheating can end up being very costly for the state. Investigations must be conducted, teachers let go, and new teachers must be both hired and trained. It may simply be a more cost effective solution to create an environment that is less conducive to cheating, by using many measures of success instead of just one.

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