We’re Broke! (Well, Sort of)

A lot of good data in the new NGA/NASBO update on state finance (pdf), it’s a great landscape survey of what’s going on.  And depending on your perspective the situation may be worse, or not as bad, as  you thought.  One big takeaway:  Medicaid.  Dwarfs the numbers that are so hotly debated in education and is the biggest budget item in a growing number of states, and before long all of them.  Also, a lot of fees…

2 Replies to “We’re Broke! (Well, Sort of)”

  1. After reviewing New York State, I am not shocked to see the areas of cut for 2011-2012 being K-12 Education and Higher Education. Other states did receive these cuts at earlier times. I do understand why these cuts were only looked this year and not last. My question comes in when are class sizes too large and how many more teachers can we cut? Any other teachers, how large are your class sizes. Our district has increased to 30 in some classrooms. I understand people need to make sacrifices in many areas, but jeopardizing our children’s education seems like to high of a cost.

  2. After eying the Fordham report on Special Education, there are some states that are probably spending too little on Special Education. These states are also the states that aren’t afraid to cut deeper into Medicaid. Bad news for these states.

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