You Got The Silver?

Dog whistle politics? Not surprised that SC is opting out of the Race to the Top re-compete but the language the state chief chose to make the case is interesting:

“The Race to the Top program expands the federal role in education by offering pieces of silver in exchange for strings attached to Washington.

6 Replies to “You Got The Silver?”

  1. You know what they say about South Carolina: Too small to be a country, too big to be an asylum

  2. Adam Urbanski is using the same reference here in Rochester to justify reneging on incentive pay and new teacher evals.

  3. @Political Observer: an ad hominem that does not counter Zais’ opinion. There have been several other states who see the writing on the wall: the conditions for winning RTTT money favor certain ways of structuring and administrating educational programs that are not efficient, effective, or feasible for some states or locales. The initiative has been biased in favor of urban districts and environments from the start, and largely rural states just don’t like the result of that cost-benefit calculation.

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