Rhetoric Meet Reality

Houston has a new teacher evaluation system that – while obviously not perfect none of these are and that’s not a reasonable standard – basically meets all the benchmarks laid down by various national leaders, advocates, etc…for evaluation and yet that’s still not good enough.  It’s like nailing jello to a wall…

Related, the NEA is trying to make a small, but significant, move in the eval direction. It seems likely to run into the same issue though.

2 Replies to “Rhetoric Meet Reality”

  1. Having read the article, a good evaluation tool has been tested for reliability and validity before being implemented. Since teachers jobs, and the education of our children are at stack here, you would think they would have field tested this evaluation tool first and held it up to the same level of excellence as they are asking their teachers to do with the students. It just shows how school systems are rushing to pressure without due diligence in their assessments.

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