Odds, Ends, and Blue Ribbons

In D.C.? Then get your blue ribbon on.

May 9th at CAP they’re talking teacher and leader pipelines with some leaders from the charter sector. Phillip Howard stopped by The Daily Show to talk regulation. And a new look at different blended learning models.

Fun and interesting conversation yesterday at Bipartisan Policy Center about education policy – good pre-K discussion toward the end.

Who knows who will win the assessment race but did PARCC just win the website race?

2 Replies to “Odds, Ends, and Blue Ribbons”

  1. Just heard yesterday that Indiana has passed legislation allowing parents to use vouchers for all students at any school. I believe this may be the first state that fully implements a voucher system. My sense is this will have far reaching ramifications for education in that state. Will be interesting to see how it all falls together.

  2. Will the schools in Indiana be better 1, 2 5 or 10 years from now due to these vouchers?

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