No Consent

Forced placements/mutual consent emerging as a flash point in Colorado under the new teacher quality law there. When you read a story like this you quickly jump to the various policy options to resolve the impasse.  But when you step back and look at the bigger picture you can’t help but think, what a crazy way to run an endeavor that is supposed to be about quality.

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  1. “However, the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 191, state Sen. Mike Johnston, D-Denver, disagrees with the DCTA reading of the law.
    He said that in the drafting of the bill, it was never contemplated that unassigned teachers would be paid for more than one year.”
    Can one follow up with Mr. Johnson and ask him to locate the legislative record on this issue?
    If it goes to court, the court will ask for that record and use it in making their ruling.

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