Charters Abroad

Sara Mead and I take a look at lessons to date from the U.S. experience with charter schools for the South African magazine “Business of Teaching.”

Update: Here’s more on this issue from Michael Duffy.

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  1. Along with the devotion to democracy and human rights, the richness and texture of the American society which comprises many different backgrounds, customs, virtues, rituals, holidays, and cuisines is something to be proud of. We simply welcome each and every tradition, and this openness to diversity is something invaluable that strengthens our unique American identity.

    Charter schools are in a way serving our communities with diverse populations. I highly appreciate their value in our public education system as they provide parents and pupils with expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities that are available within the public school system.

  2. If only it were true that “Charter schools are in a way serving our communities with diverse populations.” Unfortunately charter schools serve much less diverse populations than real public schools. They chronically under enroll ELL’s, SPED, students with disabilities and the poorest students.

    You know better J

    How can I assume good faith here Smyr?

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