This week’s School of Thought column in TIME takes a look at education and Hispanic Americans. Here’s the punchline:

On Tuesday, when President Obama traveled to El Paso, Texas, to again make the case for immigration reform, he talked about the tragedy of a policy that denies children the chance to earn a college education because of the way that their parents entered the country. But in many ways, we’ve already failed our fastest growing ethnic group, Hispanics Americans, long before they reach college and regardless of whether they were born here or not…

…These two tectonic issues—our rocketing Hispanic population and the inadequate education of Hispanic students—are on a collision course that could either end in disaster or in another story of successful assimilation in America. The stakes are clear: How we meet this challenge will impact our politics, economy, and our society itself.

Read the entire thing here.

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  1. I totally agree with this insightful post . The Hispanics and other minority groups need to be assimilated sooner in to the greater community. Groups often stick together and than have their own sub culture , leading to isolation and often not feeling part of the American dream.
    Those against immigration should realise that they are here probably because of immigration. The true American really being the Red Man

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