Programming Notes

Next Tuesday I’ll moderate a fun discussion at an Askwith Forum at HGSE on the World Peace movie. The filmmaker (Chris Farina) and the teacher (John Hunter) featured are from Charlottesville, VA.  Monday 5/2, in Washington, the Bipartisan Policy Center is hosting what should be a good discussion about education politics and policy (Spellings, Tomalis, Eubanks, and Weast, I’ll moderate that one, too).

Also, lots (surprisingly!) of emails wondering where Friday Fish Porn has gone.  I have a big file of pictures, Dep’t of Ed’s Michael Robbins’ son with a genuine fly fishing celebrity, McGraw-Hill’s Larry Snowhite’s son, and just some really great pictures of edu-types with fish (including New Schools’ Ben Riley who recently demonstrated that he knows his way around a river).  What I haven’t had is time to get them up on a Friday, but they’re coming soon.

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