Klein, More Klein, Weingarten, Rhee, Merrow, Usher, and Supplemental 60

Joel Klein in the Wash Post on teachers and teaching. Randi Weingarten and Michelle Rhee talk to the Cornell alum magazine  – but not together! Alexandra Usher – an up and comer you’ll be hearing more from – talks tracking and Germany.

60 Minutes on The Equity Project last night. You can see supplemental footage from Joel Klein, Randi Weingarten, and the school’s leader via those links.

Also good video from the News Hour, Lehrer on the new Merrow book.

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  1. From the comments to Mr. Klein’s opinion piece:

    musiclady wrote:
    This idea that tenure grants someone a job for life continues to be perpetuated in pieces like this. It simply isn’t true. A dedicated and conscientious administrator can document ineffective performance and have a teacher dismissed. My district, in conjunction with our local union adopted an evaluation system in which teachers needing help are identified and placed with a consulting teacher in their content area. They are given a year to improve their performance. If the improvement doesn’t happen, then they are fired. Typically most in that situation will resign or retire before being fired. This system has worked well. The undertaking of this system was a collaborative effort between the union and the BOE. Teachers know it is in their best interest to only have the best in the classroom. However, some just need help to get there.
    3/12/2011 10:53:56 AM
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