Signs Of The Times

Two companies with forward-looking businesses making moves today:

Gates Foundation just announced a $2 million investment in Inigral, it’s a company that produces applications to create networks inside of Facebook.  Obvious education applications.

And Docufide just secured a big round of funding ($4.5 million), is bringing in a new CEO, and is moving to Arizona. Docufide focuses on electronic education records.

2 Replies to “Signs Of The Times”

  1. Kauffman Labs recently released their inaugural class of education ventures! Check out iCreate to Educate, an innovative start up that takes university developed educational technologies and puts them in the hands of teachers and students!

  2. The amount of money spent by the Gates Foundation in giving back to the community is highly commendable . Unlike some organizations that just at at a bang for every buck , the Gates Foundation is an excellent example for all major corporations to learn from

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