Sandy, The Fireworks Are Hailing?

Former Bush education advisory Sandy Kress is turning up the heat on No Child Left Behind.  He fuels a Ruben Naverrette column about Secretary Duncan.  He also pens an article, out next week (pdf), in the Harvard Journal on Legislation about NCLB and the Obama Administration’s “blueprint” for reauthorization, sounding a warning on what’s next for accountability policies.

4 Replies to “Sandy, The Fireworks Are Hailing?”

  1. Actually, it’s the Republicans who now seem to want to walk away from federal accountability and turn it all over to the states. Hard to get a bill through Congress without Republican support.

  2. Holding each person to account is key to performance . The Republicans who should be held accountable for the mess the economy is in , strangely want to make the biggest noise

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