Boom Goes The Dynamite?

Isn’t Hartford, CT supposed to be ground-zero on progressive teachers contracts?

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  1. Didn’t EAI run some schools in Hartford 15 or so years ago?
    Was there ever a “Hartford Miracle” akin to the “Baltimore Miracle?”

    Well, don’t let your heart be troubled, Andrew.
    Look what Broad Acaedmy graduate Dr. Hite has planned for Prince George’s County Public Schools:

    By developing a comprehensive, fair and functional system for the district to assess the effectiveness of our teachers, we will enable:

    Our most effective teachers to be identified, recognized and strategically placed in front of students with the greatest needs

    Whenever this is in place, and if Dr. Hite is still around after the current budget crisis, PGCPS will finally surpass nearby Fairfax County and Montgomery County public schools to become one of the top systems in the country.

  2. Edharris: Are you being sarcastic or serious? Living in the DC area, I would be extremely surprised if PG County school achievement surpassed Fairfax County any time in the forseeable future.

  3. Sarcastic.
    Current education reform thoughts suggest that things like merit pay and moving high performing teachers to low performing classes will close the achievement between races and classes.
    I asked Michelle Rhee, back when she ran DCOPS, if she planned to move her Highly Effective teachers to low performing schools and classes.
    She wrote back, No.

  4. Edharris: Thanks for clarifying. I THOUGHT you were being sarcastic, but with so many people who buy into the whole “fire teachers and you’d get great students” mindset, I just wanted to be sure…

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