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Networks for teachers to share lessons and content have generally faltered – whether within existing systems or some of the start-ups.  But Better Lesson seems to be getting some traction. And on the same let’s go to the videotape for a look at what they’re up to with KIPP! Keep an eye on them.

Elsewhere: RiShawn Biddle takes a look at D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.  In Ed Week Michelle McNeill takes a look at what states that lost in the Race to the Top competition are up to, important article.  You should also check out the CEP report (pdf) McNeill discusses if you’re following ARRA spending.  Similarly, Hechinger report has several articles on recovery act education spending and Race to the Top out as well.

I was called an educational Neville Chamberlin for pointing out that some of the panic over international test scores is overdone.  Ben Wildavsky dives into the same issue and makes some good points in FP.

Gates Foundation awarding competitive grants to states that take steps to improve college completion.

And a couple of good reports from Public Impact, charters, blended learning, and more.

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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to point something about education in Wisconsin.
    Higher education in Wisconsin is evolving !

    Some Universities offers great degree that you can earn with ease because of the flexibility that offers universities like University of Phoenix. In, Appleton , Brookfield , Brookfield or even Madison , University of Phoenix offer online and on campus classes to fit any schedule or profile.

    This is what education should be about: Flexibility and accessibility.

    Check it out and tell me if like me you think this kind of University represent the future of Education ?

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