Things To Do In New Haven (And Washington) Plus New Reports

New ASCD chapter in Washington, D.C. They’re promising happy hours and substance (is that education policy’s version of bread and circuses?) And the Yale SOM is doing their education conference again this year on March 25th. Remarkable growth and impact of that gathering over the past few years.  And this year there is a business plan competition, too.

Two new reports worth checking out.  Fordham has one on budget cutting strategies by Marguerite Roza* and Mike Petrilli.  I don’t like them all (the bankruptcy one needs more specificity, for instance, and cutting small schools and districts and consolidating isn’t always such a good idea) but it’s worth reading as the fiscal reality in some states is tough and these and other ideas will be on the table.

Also, Center for Education Policy has an interesting look at Common Core implementation (pdf).  Some interesting findings on state motivation that cut against the grain of conventional wisdom but also some big red flags on implementation and how messy this could be even in states that are committed.  I’d still maintain that there is something worse than the current system with its uneven standards and lack of comparability and that’s a system that appears superficially to have these elements but still actually doesn’t.

*Oversees some BW grants.

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  1. While Roza and Petrilli stir things up with conniving statements such as “what appears to be a perk” is actually a way to move toward structural pension reform, I think have heard most of the underlying theme of this policy brief before—-possibly from the bowels of Grover Norquist. No mention of immigration reform, though, but the pot shot at ELL should satisfy the base.

  2. Employees said they had no authorization to do so, and elected officials said it would be improper to discuss the board’s private deliberations!

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