Shouting Fire In A Crowded Issue Environment!

This week’s School of Thought column at TIME is about the sleepy and non-controversial issue of teacher tenure.

Education eyes were on Washington this week to see what President Obama would say about schools in his State of the Union address. But just as in 2010, if you really want to follow the action on education reform this year, it’s better to look to the states. All the new governors (29), state education chiefs (18 new ones elected or appointed since November), and state legislators (nearly 1,600) mean things are more fluid in the states, where teacher tenure is becoming a major flashpoint. Florida and New Jersey are considering pretty much ending tenure altogether. And while these states may be ground zero for tenure battles, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania are also considering significant changes.

Read the entire column here.

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  1. By all means, get rid of tenure. That way the rest of you states around the nation can raise your educational standards and achievement to the high levels we are setting here in Texas!

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