Past Is Prologue?

It seems to me, too, that it’s high time to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act, it’s been almost a decade and the law was never meant to go this long without at least some tweaks.  If that can be done without pulling the accountability net out from under minority and low-income students (especially in the suburbs where the pushback against disaggregation and the results it highlights is strongest) then this year should be the year.

But, before everyone goes gaga over today’s WaPo article about hints of bipartisanship, ‘let’s get ‘er done’ talk, ‘we can rename it’ and all that it’s worth remembering you can pull the clips from the last few years (and Januarys in particular) and hear the same stuff…That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, just means that every time someone goes boo it doesn’t mean it’s imminent.

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