LA Not Confidential

Per the TIME 11 for 11 list, you can change Deasy’s status from “widely expected” to imminent in LA.

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  1. Andrew,
    Is there a reason you don’t grant John Deasy his title, Dr?
    You remember that’s what he went by when he was in PGCPS.

  2. There may be questions about Deasy’s doctorage – but Supt. Cortines doesn’t use the title and I suspect Deasy is following suit.

    Deasy’s imminent eminence is questionably questioned in the following somewhat hyperbolic blog entry. The caveat being that just because it’s outrageous (or misspelled) doesn’t mean it’s not true.


    Hollywood/Highlands Democratic Club “LAUSD Watch Blog” |

    January 6, 2011 – originally sent out at 4:54 pm – Raymond (sic) Cortines, LAUSD Superintendent (as I write this) has been told to clean out his desk because he will be gone within a week. The background – Mayor Antonio delivered that message to LAUSD Board Member and Broad/Riordan puppet Monica Garcia at a secret meeting earlier this week. Antonio is, of course, merely doing the bidding of his brain – Eli Broad and Broad’s sidekick former Mayor Ricard (sic) Riordan.

    John Deasy, Deputy Superintendent for a few days — before he ascends to the LAUSD puppet throne, was hand picked by LA “City Father” and power behind all thrones in our little town, Eli Broad. The LAUSD Board rubber stamped Broad’s selection of Deasy by hiring him back in June of 2010. LA Weekly reporter Patrick Range McDonald exposed the Controversy Surrounding Deasy’s selection in his blog back then. ([]

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