WTU Election

George Parker is out in DC and the incoming teachers union leader is a bomb-thrower.  Should be entertaining.  But before all sorts of national implications are read into this, remember that turnout was about 25 percent.  In other words, the candidate on the “I don’t give a f*** line” won overwhelmingly…so statements beginning with ‘this election shows teachers in DC are X’ should be suspect except for ‘teachers in D.C. sure are not very fired up to vote in their union election…’

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  1. Actually, Nathan Saunders is Winston Churchill compared to his vp, Candi Peterson, who runs The Washington Teacher blog. Her site usually portrayed Rhee as a witch. On the day Rhee resigned her blog ran the Wizard of Oz photo of the crushed witch under Dorothy’s house.

  2. I can’t imagine why Rhee allowed herself to be posed as a witch for Time. I wrote to the magazine asking why, but did not receive an answer. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  3. Rhee as a witch?
    Andrew calls Valerie Strauss “Mikey” and intrepid.
    Some of Andrew’s posters here swear and call others names.

    One reason friends and I have sorta sworn off eduwonk.
    It’s gone downhill.

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