Wikileaks! The Eduangle

From The Times:

The diplomats also noted that while Mr. Putin enjoyed supremacy over all other public figures in Russia, he was undermined by an unmanageable bureaucracy that often ignored his edicts.

Sounds just like a large district or state department of education!

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  1. Interesting analogy. It’s probably a good thing that Mr Putin was thwarted by bureaucracy. And the eduangle is …?

  2. This is slightly off topic but while I am in favour of open government and so support the principles behind wikileaks I am concerned about the backlash that may come to all areas of government. One only has to look to Putin’s Russia for a example of how things could develop. There will undoubtably be a trickle through of caution and guarded behaviour to all areas – including education, from areas as diverse as weight loss programs to dyslexia tests. Is this a good thing? Certainly not.

    I also wonder whether this kind of dramatic release is a ‘flash in the pan’. Already there are charges (and death threats) being brought against the man behind wikileaks (Julian Assage) – coincidentally at this time? I think not. If this kind of attack; against people trying to shine the light of truth, is successful (asssuming it is purely designed to silence him and deter others) then the number of people willing to risk personal safety and freedom to keep the masses informed and wake them up will dwindle and we’ll all be worse off.

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