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  1. In reading, the U.S. finished twelfth among the 34 OECD nations. The U.S. scored ahead of Great Britain, Germany and France. (The U.S. also scored ahead of Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.)

    In science, the U.S. scored 17th out of 34. That pretty much places us in the middle. Never mind how we got that.

    In math, the U.S. scored 25th out of 34. According to our calculations, this was our worst performance.

    This year, the PISA testing focused on reading.

    How well did various demographic groups in the U.S. perform?

    Such questions are painful but instructive, especially after last autumn’s orgy of teacher-bashing. For today, we’ll offer a tantalizing preview: If American kids of Asian descent were viewed as a separate country, their score would have been third-highest among the 34 OECD nations.

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