LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa steps up the rhetoric on education at the Huff Post:

It’s not easy for me to say this. I started out as an organizer for UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles), and I don’t have an anti-union bone in my body. The teachers unions aren’t the biggest or the only problem facing our schools, but for many years now, they have been the most consistent, most powerful defenders of the unacceptable status quo.

4 Replies to “Help!”

  1. In the 60s, when I was in school, the California public school system was the gold standard–a national model that complemented our State’s image as a land of opportunity.

    Today, our schools rank in the bottom third among all states, we are out-spent by $2,400 per pupil, and we fail to graduate a full quarter of our students. What happened?

    He asks the question, but does not answer it.
    What happened, Antonio?

  2. Villaraigosa is no longer an organizer. He sold out his credentials to become a politician. Like the majority of politicians he has jumped on the Bash the Teacher band wagon because he sees this as necessary to get re-elected or to a higher office.

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