Cleveland Rocks?

If you’re interested in what the next iterations of the charter school idea might look like then once place to keep an eye on is Cleveland where three of the city’s high-performing charter organizations are banding together. It’s an idea being kicked around elsewhere but this is going to be an early road test of all the operational and school cultural issues bound up in a move like this.

2 Replies to “Cleveland Rocks?”

  1. Why do newly formed charter schools or recently established charter schools always have a picture of a minority child? Why would it seem that the charter schools target the poor Black and hispanic community? Why do these profit organizations continue to perpetuate the “separate and unequal” education in our nation? Why isn’t the AFT or the NEA revisiting the historical, landmark decision of Brown vs Board of Education and determine if these charter schools are violating the decree?

  2. um, because those schools are trying to serve the communities most in need of good schools, and have the fewest of them?

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