Books, Benes, Blogs! Plus An Event & And Edujob

Tyler Hester, the California teacher who has been featured on the blog before (here and here) as he seeks to get books for his students is still working it.  And again you can help.  Now there is a website — with a video, too!

For the second time this week CRPE has a new paper out.  This time on what more flexibility around school district benefits might look like – and save. Earlier this week it was portfolio districts. Disc – I do a few things with CRPE.

And Michael Chandler, always a solid ed reporter, is on leave from the Washington Post and she’s blogging from Korea.  It’s a cool project, check it out.  Nearby longtime ed advocate Laurie Westley is blogging from China for a few weeks while she teaches there.

Also, next Friday at the Aspen Institute they’re talkin’ testin’! Good chance to learn about the two state consortia from folks in the middle of it.

And did you like the RSD?  Then you’ll love the ASD and it needs its first superintendent. Great chance to be in the middle of RTT in Tennessee.

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