Pensions, Turnarounds, Merit Pay, Principals, Plus An Excellent Edujob!

Jonah Edelman goes Huffie and rolls up Stand For Children’s* take on the elections and education.

Dana Goldstein thinks merit pay could emerge as the big bipartisan issue in Congress.  Principal preparation will certainly be an issue for schools, and there is an event in D.C. 11/10 to discuss it and a new Rainwater report/website. Turnarounds will be, too, new FSG report about that issue.

The new issue of Education Finance Policy the journal of the American Education Finance Association looks at teacher pensions.   Very big problem, still mostly overlooked (pdf). So this is well-worth checking out and through a special (and admirable) deal with MIT press they make it easy to do so – the articles are out from behind the usual firewall so you can read for free.

On the edujob front, Building Excellent Schools is hiring.

*BW works with SFC.

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