Odds And Ends

Alyson Klein pulls some nuggets from this month’s Education Insider survey and report. Alyson notes, and I’ve been meaning to blog, that many insiders see D.C vouchers reemerging as an issue. I do, too.  The votes are obviously there in the House and it does look like they’re there in the Senate as well.  Tough issue for the administration.   Keep an eye on that.  Something we didn’t ask about this month in depth was the tutoring provisions in No Child Left Behind.  But in Florida T. Willard Fair has something to say about that program.

Also at Ed Week, must-read Sawchuk on professional development, part of a larger package.

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  1. Very curious to see what comes of the DC voucher issue, especially in the Senate since Michael Bennet is against vouchers but a handful of other Dems are not…It will be curious to see Rubio’s stand on it (most likely pro-voucher), and how vocal he will be, given he’s one of only two minority members in the Senate.

    It will also raise awkward questions (again) for Obama and Arne who both pledged to support programs “that work,” irrespective of ideology. And the DC voucher program has been shown to work so…? Even worse for Obama, the world will be reminded there are voucher kids at Sidwell, highlighting Obama’s stance of “my kids deserve a great education, but yours don’t if you can’t afford it.”

    I also wonder how it might divide the reform groups since the voucher issue is not on the radar for many, if not most, of them.

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