I Feel The Need, The Need For Tweed Speed

That’s not just a handy #educationmovielines.  Rick Hess offers the fastest summation of the Cathie Black situation around.  Via the NYT:

City Hall gathered some business executives to sign a letter of support, but has hardly put on a full-court press, prompting questions even from friendly quarters.

Frederick M. Hess, the director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a research group, has argued for years that school systems do not need to be run by career educators. But of all the leaders in the world, he wonders, why Ms. Black?

“The Bloomberg argument on her behalf is minimal — it’s that she’s a C.E.O.,” Mr. Hess said. “The notion that all C.E.O.’s are interchangeable, that all C.E.O.’s have the skills to lead this large organization, is just as naïve as asserting that only someone who’s an educator can lead the system.”

My take on the larger issues the whole Black debate pointed up here via TIME.

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