Growing Blacklash!

The advisory panel appointed to consider a waiver for Cathie Black to become Chancellor of the New York City schools voted against granting it.  I assume all the people last seen decrying the appointees to the panel as shills for the mayor will now demand another vote to ensure integrity in the process…

Anyway, despite their media backgrounds you have to wonder if Mayor Bloomberg or Cathie Black could have handled this rollout any worse?  My take on the larger issues the whole waiver process raises here.

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  1. If we believe what Arne Duncan said last week, that the factory model is dead, then we need more than a professional manager to run schools.

    The years I spent in graduate school helped me understand the deeply complicated work of teaching, and I realized that running a school district requires knowledge of that work. Not that a chancellor needs to have a PhD, but there is very specialized knowledge required to teach well and understanding that is important in running a district.

  2. @Ted, I’m not sure what you mean. I read the previous article about Baltimore and teacher pathways. The Ed School I went to (and work at) has partnered with TFA to provide the professional support and training for its corps members in this state. We also have more traditional teacher education program.

    My school of education is agnostic toward pathways, but deeply committed to improving teacher knowledge and skills.

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