Please Pay No Attention To The Evidence!

Another alleged Michelle Rhee misdeed found lacking for evidence.   This time a court has basically tossed out the case over the allegations she manufactured a budget crisis to layoff teachers.

“…a [Washington Teachers’ Union] attorney told a D.C. Superior Court judge that after scrutinizing 1,200 pages of District documents, the union could find no evidence that Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee contrived the budget crunch that she said justified the job reductions.”

A related age-discrimination suit was also tossed a while ago because teachers of all ages and experience levels were laid off.

3 Replies to “Please Pay No Attention To The Evidence!”

  1. The evidence shows that Miss Rhee wasn’t scheming like Wiley E Coyote, but rather incompetent like Wiley E.
    Super genius, Michelle.

  2. Or, just as good,
    maybe Michelle Rhee is not Lex Luthor, but rather, Otis (as played by Ned Beatty.)

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