Overheard, In The Money?

Heard today from a reliable source at Education Week that they finished the last fiscal year year in the black for the first time in a few years and are poised with some growth plans.  That’s good news if you care about having a newspaper of record for the field.

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  1. Andrew,
    The piece on waiting for superman was on the money. I guess those of us who are still “fighting the good fight” need to just keep movin’ since the effort to reform our public schools is not just one of fixing something that has been long overdue, but its’ the moral imperative that Kati Haycock and others continue to say about our democracy.
    I find that each day of the battle brings both hope and a sense of resolve in that I might not see the change in my lifetime but I have a granddaughter and maybe she will be the one to put that last nail in the coffin of the 19th century public school system.

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