If It’s Monday It’s…

…time for a bunch of weekend links plus an edujob:

Can’t figure out who to vote for in your state’s race for governor?  ERN helps you out with a state-by-state scorecard (pdf).

If Dems had a bad weekend in the press AFT leader Randi Weingarten had a good one.  Her “manifesto” here in the WaPo and Trip Gabriel hearts her in the NYT. With regard to the manifesto “Superintendents Don’t Scapegoat Your Teachers” doesn’t quite have the same ring as, say, “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” but I guess you have to work with what you have.

In the last ‘Education Insider’ policy elites strongly saw Tennessee as the state to watch and benchmark against on Race to the Top implementation.  Here’s your chance to get in on that action with a great ED job at Stand for Children in TN.

And a must-read article on poverty from the NYT.

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  1. gotta love the reformers state-by-state scorecard – in NY do you all really think that kids or anybody for that matter would be better off with Paladino in office than with Cuomo.


  2. Hey Andy –

    I’m interested in the Ed Insider piece on TN but don’t subscribe. Any way you can email me a PDF of the commentary? I’m now working with on RttT with the TDOE on a contractual basis, so this would be great to take a look at.

    Many thanks –

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