CO Cannon Fodder, Edujobs And Risk – Reward?

In a video interview, Politics Daily’s Carl Cannon sits down with Senator Michael Bennet. A couple of edu-moments.  Also, if you want to know why so many people in both parties are gaga over Cory Booker, check out the videos of this speech.

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is going to the American Enterprise Institute to give a talk about school productivity.  You can go, too. Not sure I get the strategy here, the risk-reward is all out of whack.  If it goes well, no one will remember.  If it goes poorly (eg a couple of hard questions that make news*) everyone will know about it.  In other words, in national politics if you’re going before a skeptical or hostile crowd, make sure it’s high profile enough to make the reward worth the risk.  On the other hand, it’s an important issue and Duncan deserves credit for going.

Looking beneath the label: Ken Wong and his colleagues turn in a charter school case study.

And speaking of charters, IDEA Public Schools is a great CMO operating in the Rio Grande Valley, they’re hiring for a couple of interesting roles.

*Update: My point, exactly.

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