Aspen*, Edujobs, and EEP. Plus Rhee Speaks!

Cool  new Aspen prize for community colleges from several foundations. The White House summit is leveraging some other activity as well, for instance this project from The Gap.

A lot of talk about teacher evaluations lately but important new report from NLNS on evaluating principals.

Joel Klein, Michael Lomax, and Janet Murguia respond to the recent Nicholas Lemann New Yorker essay.  Michelle Rhee discusses DC and what’s next. And, while you’re at the WaPo video site, check out Kevin Huffman’s advice for the next ‘Great American Pundit.’

If you’re looking for an edujob, Gotham Schools is launching a new jobs board.

*Sorry, fixed spelling.  No spellchecker on titles!

5 Replies to “Aspen*, Edujobs, and EEP. Plus Rhee Speaks!”

  1. it’s like fair and balanced over here – and always the little things – how about a link to the nicholas lemann piece, and not just the response?

  2. Well, at least Andy was fair and balanced enough to spell Lemann’s name right. (Clearly he has a beef with the Aspen Institute, though.)

  3. Highliht from Lemann:

    The school-reform story draws its moral power from the heartbreakingly low quality of the education that many poor, urban, and minority children in public schools get. This problem isn’t new, and the historical context is important: one of the cornerstones of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society was the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which for the first time directed substantial national funding to schools attended by these children…The gap in educational achievement between black and white children narrowed during the nineteen-seventies and eighties, and has been mainly stuck since then, but it’s misleading to suggest that the gap is getting bigger.

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