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Can’t say I’m a regular Oprah viewer but seeing James Wilcox get some props on the show could turn me into one….You can watch the entire segment from last week (in pieces) here.

Also, don’t miss Joel Klein on Waiting for Superman.

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  1. If you watched the two Oprah infomercials for Waiting for Superman this week, you might have noticed the following stats. If not, I’ll lay them out for you.
    Total number of teachers on the panel: 0
    Total number of public school parents on the panel: 0
    Total number of billionaires on the panel: 3
    Total number of billions of the panelists: 60
    Total years of teaching experience of all the “experts”: 2

  2. Waiting For Superman

    In the film, there is one animation scene that shows kids heads being filled with knowledge by a teacher while the narrator says: “It should be simple, a teacher in a schoolhouse filling their students with knowledge and sending them on their way, but we’ve made it complicated.”


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