I wish it were easier to find the guidebook for teachers about D.C.s new “Impact Plus” pay-for-performance initiative. That’s because while there will be the predictable hysterics, the booklet makes clear what a groundbreaking initiative this is in terms of structure and the amounts teachers can earn.

Also, on the pay-for-performance issue, keep an eye out next week for an evaluation of the initiative in Nashville.

Update: More 411 on the initiative up now and the actual guidebook (pdf).

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  1. At a reception for highly effective teachers on September 10th in Union Station (Washington, DC), Michelle Rhee told the 600 teachers that they would receive a bonus check of $3,000 to $25,000.
    Later, as she was leaving, she corrected herself and told a radio reporter and a teacher and said that the teachers would have to join her performance pay program to be eligible for the bonus.

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