If I Had $100 Million…

Wow.  Inflation.  Just last week we were talking about a million. Interesting play in New Jersey as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is giving Newark Public Schools $100 million and NJ Governor Christie is giving Newark Mayor Cory Booker more control over their operations.  Local coverage here. Mayoral control in Newark has been a contentious issue for some time.

Implications?  Well, it’s no secret that an unflattering movie about Zuckerberg is coming out next week.   Hard not to see the fine hand of providence in that, it’s a good misdirection play.  But, Zuckerberg has connected with the charismatic Booker, too.  So although it will be played by critics as 100 percent cynical, that doesn’t seem the case.

Most interesting implication is with regard to Booker’s political future.  What kind of a deal did he cut with Christie? There are only so many statewide offices in New Jersey and those two are heavyweights.

2 Replies to “If I Had $100 Million…”

  1. So, an entrepreneur who needs to dramatically change his image, a Republican governor who needs a reputation for cleaning house without spending more state funds so he can run for President, and a Democratic mayor who can’t fix his city without fixing his schools all have a problem, and find a way to fix all three at the same time. This is the stuff of novels.

  2. All have a problem and all of these problems can be solved with the $100 Million, I guess I would rush to Canada and get one of those luxury Winnipeg apartments I mean I could even take it for rent so that I could go there whenever there are no school for my son.

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