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Don’t miss the new McKinsey and Company report on human capital in education.  Closing the talent gap (pdf) is provocative and interesting as a big idea for transforming how we think about human capital in education.  Disc – I was tangetially involed in the project.

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  1. “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers.”

    Now we’re talking. There’s been a noticeable shift away from non-researched based solutions in the past few weeks in favor of those that the research has backed for many years. I don’t know whether the political situation is starting to respond to teacher displeasure or what, but suddenly there is talk about reforms encouraged by educators such as community schools, high quality preschools, very small classes in challenging schools, parent involvement, and high standards for the teaching profession. We CAN make a difference for poor kids but it will take more than merit pay and insults for the teachers that we have. See today’s Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times:

  2. Leave it to FOX News to stir the pot on education with political backlash drama that seems to never end, due to their ambitious rating techniques. What I am really happy with is the SES Program “No Child Left Behind” Act initiated in 2003-2004 which kids that are struggling in school are selected to be eligible to get 30 free hours of tutoring. That is a big shift across the U.S., I think that is a major life changer for most of these kids to have tutoring when they are really struggling, especially for lower-income families, this is great!

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