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Guest post by Jim Ryan

Two stories of interest in today’s NYT.  First, there is a front-page story about the mad rush by companies to get federal money for helping to turn around failing schools.

As the headline (in the print edition) says, “School Reform Draws Crowd, Not Credentials.”  One company promises to help schools by “facilitating new conversations through story listening, expressing empathy, appreciative inquiry and design thinking.”  I’m sure some of these turnaround companies have great ideas, though I think some might best be called “turnaround and around and around” specialists.

The second story is about a new effort by the New York City Department of Education to track how high school graduates fare in college.  Each high school is getting a report indicating how many of their students who enrolled in the city’s public colleges needed remedial courses.  It’s a small sample and just a start, but it’s an interesting idea. As a bonus, the article has a quadratic equation that you can try to solve.

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