You Can Look But You Better Not Touch?

In our space one of the big obstacles to low-priced tech for every student has been durability.   Edison’s laptop initiative resulted in a lot of destroyed machines, so have others.  Kids are hard on the boxes, use them as folders and crack screens, etc…it’s one reason there is skepticism about whether Kindles are up to the task in their present boxes.   Are Indian kids easier on tech or is this going to be a problem for the vaunted $35 machines?

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  1. More on the vaunted $35 machines:

    On Friday I covered the $35 tablet prototype that the Indian government unveiled. Over the weekend, it’s been called everything from the “future of computing” to “devices [that] cannot compensate for [India’s] crumbling education infrastructure and absenteeism of teaching staff.” A few more details have emerged, however, suggesting that this prototype is a lot closer to a reference spec than something that will see the light of day soon.

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