The Secret Life of Rick Hess

He claims he’s been in Georgia, advising on their education system. But has Rick Hess really been in South Africa this whole time, moonlighting as a Spanish soccer star? CRPE’s Robin Lake points out the striking resemblance between Hess and Spain’s Carles Puyol…

Rick Hess
Rick Hess
Carles Puyol
Carles Puyol

Seriously, Rick: You should think about growing out those bangs.

UPDATE: Some enterprising soul created this Hess-Puyol mashup:

Introducing Carick Hesyol, AEI's newest striker.
Introducing Carlick Hesyol, AEI's newest striker.

–Sara Mead

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  1. Education would doubtless be better off if the ed wonks at various think tanks were able to slake their thirst for notoriety in other fields.

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