Special Education and State Budget Woes

EdWeek’s Christina Samuels flags a Star-Ledger article on high special education spending in New Jersey, noting that the state has a very high rate of out-of-district placements and linking further analysis from blogger NJ Left Behind. While special education has been largely protected from cuts so far, Samuels rightly notes that these costs are something New Jersey and its districts need to deal with as the state faces continued budget woes–and that means casting a serious eye on both out-of-district placements and the disproportionate identification of poor and minority kids with disabilities in New Jersey. Andy Smarick: This is for you.

–guestblogger Sara Mead

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  1. Special ed is protected doubly in any governor’s budget meeting because it is a protected species when the cabinet members are hunting budget-prey. We think of it as part of education as a whole, but politicians see it as an entitlement for disabled citizens.

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